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Tradebe Fleet Vehicle Photoshoot

I was contracted out by Video One Productions to fly to Memphis, TN to conduct a photoshoot for Tradebe, a Waste Management company, to show off and promote their new fleet of vehicles to encourage potential new hires to come and work for the company.

What resulted was a bright and vibrant photoshoot with the company’s new vehicles, along with some of their key employees to represent the company.  We used a variety of different lenses and scissor lifts to get birds eye view shots of the new fleet.

Perhaps most impressive?  The day we shot all this was damp, cold, and overcast.  Check out the Before & After below to see how my editing skills turned lemons into lemonade!

Photoshopping Services

So what happens when you have a photoshoot in an abandoned parking lot on an ugly drab day?  You edit it, of course!  Through painstaking and time-consuming editing I was able to transform an ugly day into a beautiful one to make these product photos shine.  This type of editing can be applied to just about anything and is a service that comes complimentary with 2 rounds of revisions every time you hire me.

Client Information
A leader in environmental services since 1984. Tradebe was founded with the vision of helping industrial and chemical companies manage the increasing complexity of their waste to protect the people and the environment.

Today, we continue to innovate and evolve in a changing environment, maintaining our firm commitment to propelling the circular economy and creating a more sustainable world.

We manage all kinds of environmental liabilities in a sustainable manner by creating new raw materials and energy, and we are dedicated to meeting our customers' environmental goals.

We serve all industries, from petrochemicals to aerospace and hospitals, with unparalleled safety and quality standards.

For the past 32 years, Video One Productions has been fueled by a talented staff, creative vision, and loyal client base. We offer professional video services at affordable prices.

When Video One first started, our sole focus was video production. In response to our clients’ requests for other related services, we expanded our repertoire of multimedia offerings. Saying yes to accommodate our clients’ needs helped Video One become the complete service video production company that we are today.

Memphis, TN
Camera Info
Fujifilm X-T3
Image Information
26 Megapixels