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Laudi Vidni Product Photography

The luxury leather goods company, Laudi Vidni, was in need of a photographer to step in and provide product photography for their website e-commerce shop as their previous photographer had moved to another city.  I connected with owner Laura Kofoid and came to pick up where their previous photographer had left off.  The goal was to replicate the lighting and look of their luxury leather bags that their previous photographer had established, and it was pulled off with ease.

Client Information
Laudi Vidni was founded by two friends (and fellow Harvard Business School grads), Laura Kofoid and Grace Tsao-Wu. The pair was tired of buying bags that weren’t quite right, rejecting both the status quo and snobbery of traditional handbag labels. As retail veterans, they were ready to rewrite the rules.

The first part was easy – they sought out exquisite hand-crafting, sourced the best-quality materials, and created styles and shapes that any person could take any place. The second part was a bigger deal: build a more environmentally sustainable business model that individually custom-made those bags for an affordable price so that people could get what they wanted, celebrating themselves rather than a commercially-driven ideal or celebrity endorsement.

Consider the rules rewritten.

Lincoln Park, Chicago, IL
Camera Info
Fujifilm X-T3
Image Information
26 Megapixels