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2022 RNDD Pupcrawl

The RNDD Pupcrawl & Artwalk event is a great event that raises funds for animal care shelters.  Each year they auction off animal-focused luxury goods, many of which were crafted by the local artisans and manufacturers in the River North Design District.  I photographed the products for RNDD so that they could send out the photos of the products ahead of time so patrons could know what they could expect to be bidding on during the event.

Client Information
The River North Design District (RNDD) is a pocket design community outside of the Merchandise Mart, which boasts interior design offerings accessible to both designers and consumers. It provides the Chicago community with opportunities to be inspired, explore, and belong.
River North, Chicago, IL
Camera Info
Sony Alpha 1
Image Information
50 Megapixels