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Nevine Roberts Headshot Session

Okay, I need to preface this with a disclaimer: I love this woman.  You might be thinking “Whoa, Logan, that’s a little aggressive for your promotional website, isn’t it?” but no, it isn’t.  The reason it’s not?  Because Ms. Roberts happens to be my beautiful and lovely fiancee. So, as you can imagine, this was my favorite photoshoot I’ve ever done.  She had asked me for new headshots for her social media profiles shortly after she started her new job with Cosentino, a luxury surfaces manufacturer.  Using their showroom as the backdrop, we were able to capture these images together.

The Cosentino showroom remains my favorite on-location place to take photos.  It is simply one of the most photogenically beautiful showrooms in Chicago.  Thanks to its wide selection of large surfaces and gorgeously decorated library, we were able to capture headshots and portraits using a broad selection of backdrops and scenery, and as a result, she looks stunning in each one of them.