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Abby Ray Studio Portrait Session

My colleague and friend, Abby Ray, allowed me to experiment with film portraiture in my studio.  This was the first time I had ever shot on film in a controlled environment, so it was a totally new experience.  I used four different cameras for this shoot:

    • Fujifilm X-H2S – A digital camera that I used just in case my experiment with film went awry
    • Fujifilm GSW690 II – A 6×9 medium format fixed lens wide angle point and shoot camera
    • Canon EOS 650 – A 35mm SLR camera
    • Yashica Mat EM – A 6×6 medium format Twin Lens Reflex camera

Thankfully my film experience was a successful one, and also a great learning experience. The photos turned out really nice on all fronts and taught me a lot about making the most out of the limitations of film photography.