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The Luxury Bed Collection Winter Windows 2019

In the heart of the winter season in 2019, a mesmerizing photoshoot took place to immortalize the enchanting window displays that graced the storefronts. The spotlight was on The Luxury Bed Collection, and with the direction of Sarah Schwuchow from Sarah Jacquelyn Interiors, the window displays were transformed into cozy sanctuaries that celebrated warmth, comfort, and opulence.

The essence of the shoot was to capture the inviting ambiance that these displays exuded.  The windows came alive with scenes that beckoned passersby into a world of luxury and relaxation. The meticulous craftsmanship of Hastens and Vispring mattresses was at the heart of the presentation.

The result of this collaboration was a series of photographs that told a story of luxury, indulgence, and comfort. The images showcased the thoughtfully designed window displays as works of art in themselves, emphasizing the mastery of both interior design and artisanal mattress craftsmanship. They not only highlighted the products but also invited viewers to imagine themselves cocooned in such luxury.

Client Information
The Luxury Bed Collection is exactly as it sounds – a perfectly curated assortment of the world’s best sleep products offering our customers a personalized in-store experience to truly learn about sleep. Our stringent research process ensures that every product we carry meets our requirements for excellence in durability, craftsmanship, hand, cleanliness, and sustainability.

We offer as many high-quality brands as possible including mattresses by Hastens, Vispring, McRoskey, and Naturepedic – Linens by Sferra, Pom Pom at Home, Modernplum and Christian Fischbacher – Pillows by The Pillow Bar amongst many other sleep accessories.

Natural products are extremely important to us, not just for health and reduction of chemicals, but also for their traditional properties of cooling, comfort, and longevity. We offer all-natural, non-allergenic alternatives to foams and gels including cotton, wool, flax, horsetail hair, alpaca, down, mohair, cashmere, and silk.

Sarah Jacquelyn Interiors is a full-service Interior Design firm with a flair for layering color, texture, and pattern. Offering design and project management services for new construction, remodeling, accessorizing and more. Our team strives to be your trusted guide and resource for all things interior design.

River North, Chicago, IL
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Fujifilm X-T3
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26 Megapixels