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Maya Romanoff Showroom

The photoshoot conducted at Maya Romanoff’s inviting showroom in Skokie, IL, artfully captured the beauty and allure of their space. Through careful planning and creative execution, the project aimed to showcase the luxurious and welcoming ambiance of the showroom. Using expertly chosen angles, lighting, and compositions, the photographs captured the essence of the space’s design elements, creating a visual narrative that invites viewers to explore further. The final images authentically represent Maya Romanoff’s commitment to craftsmanship and innovation, effectively reflecting the brand’s values. This successful collaboration has yielded a collection of images that stand as a testament to the showroom’s elegance and will serve as valuable assets for Maya Romanoff’s promotional endeavors, drawing attention to their remarkable offerings.

Client Information
Maya Romanoff is the largest manufacturer of handcrafted wallcoverings in the United States. For over 50 years, our artisans have methodically incorporated such materials as glass beads, gold leaf, seashells, and wood with pigments, dye and more to create extraordinary surfacing materials, right in our Chicago Studio.

Whether these materials are produced locally in our studio, or abroad in one of our many partnering factories, handmade or by machine, each and every product is put through Maya Romanoff’s rigorous standard for quality, beauty and innovation, with a guiding mantra, “Make every wall beautiful”.

Skokie, Illinois
Camera Info
Fujifilm GFX 100S
Image Information
100 Megapixel, High Dynamic Range