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L Rose Interiors Bucktown Home

Nestled in the charming neighborhood of Bucktown, Chicago, a remarkable interior design photoshoot recently unfolded, featuring the talents of Lakesha Rose from L Rose Interiors and the expert styling of Rosalyn Genovese. Together, they transformed a stunning residence into a masterpiece of style, comfort, and visual storytelling.

This collaborative effort resulted in a captivating photoshoot that skillfully captured the essence of four distinct spaces within the home. Bathed in natural light, each room emanated its unique personality, brought to life through Lakesha Rose’s impeccable design choices and Rosalyn Genovese’s artful styling.

The photographs vividly showcase the interplay of decor and materials, meticulously curated by Lakesha Rose, which transformed this space into an oasis of refined living. Rosalyn Genovese’s expertise in styling elevated every corner, making them not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and inviting.

From the plush living room to the welcoming kitchen, each room tells its own story of sophistication and elegance. The images highlight the seamless integration of color palettes, textures, and furnishings, creating a visual symphony that resonates with anyone appreciative of the art of interior design.

Client Information
A visit to Chicago’s Merchandise Mart transformed Lakesha’s world when she was 18 years old. Every lush textile, furnishing, and sample made her swoon. Showrooms were filled with endless possibilities to create beautiful spaces that make people feel special. Mesmerized, Lakesha discovered her purpose.

Today, Lakesha continues to find inspiration during magic seeking expeditions at the Mart. Her old school tactile approach of combing through samples allows her to unearth hidden gems making each of her creations unique. Appearing in prominent publications including Design Chicago and The Wall Street Journal, Lakesha is celebrated for tailor-made sophisticated designs that excite all senses and evoke emotional experiences. In 2022, Modern Luxury Interiors named Lakesha one of Chicago’s top interior designers, an honor she holds dear to her heart.

Bucktown, Chicago, IL
Camera Info
Fujifilm GFX 100S
Image Information
100 Megapixel, High Dynamic Range