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Anthom Design House – Layers of Design

The “Layers of Design” event took place in Chicago, IL, showcasing high-end luxury furniture from the brand Anthom Design House. Anthom, known for its commitment to excellence, teamed up with Cosentino, a renowned producer of high-quality surfaces, and Maya Romanoff, a distinguished name in luxury wallcoverings, to create an exquisite setting that showcased their collaborative efforts and complementary design elements. This collaboration underscored the shared passion for crafting extraordinary spaces that exude timeless luxury and sophistication.

Through the lens of photography, the event presented a captivating visual narrative, capturing the harmonious interplay of textures, materials, and artistic sensibilities.  The event served as a testament to the artistry and innovation of these brands, illustrating how their combined expertise elevates interior design to new heights of opulence and refinement. Attendees and admirers were left inspired by the masterful blend of craftsmanship and creative collaboration on display at “Layers of Design.”

Client Information
Anthom Design House was founded by Thomas Vagner (Danish) and Angela Patsiopoulos (American) who both have a long track record working in the high-end furnishings sales and marketing. Thomas began his journey in 2005 on the executive team of Carl Hansen & Son in Denmark. In 2011 he was tasked with relocating to New York City to establish Carl Hansen & Sons presence in North America. Angela began working with Thomas in 2013 on the development side of the brand and was instrumental in helping build the organization and designing showrooms across the US.

We bring a cross cultural approach to our discerning clientele with the resources in place to provide the level of service our clients expect. We are not antiquated distributors who simply buy and sell products. Instead, we collaborate with our brands when working within our territory by bridging the cultural gap that exists between American and European worlds. Our moto: European Brands. American Service.

Our ambition was born out of the need to develop a collection of some of Europe’s best design brands through our long-standing partnerships. We offer a full scope of service: sales, marketing, logistics, and operations. So when you work with us, you are working directly with the brands.

Brooklyn, NY
Camera Info
Fujifilm GFX 100S
Image Information
100 Megapixel, High Dynamic Range