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2023 Cosentino Sales Summit

Cosentino North America held its annual Sales Summit for 2023 in Chicago and asked me to provide event coverage services.  This entailed standard event photography, including group team photos and video coverage, over the span of 3 days.  I delivered images by end of day to allow Cosentino’s media team the ability to use the images at the event the next day to create recap videos to be on display in their conference rooms.

This was a challenging event, but one that I enjoyed immensely as I continued my growing relationship with Cosentino.

Client Information
Cosentino USA is a premier provider of innovative surfaces, redefining interior and exterior design with brands like Silestone, Dekton, and Sensa. Their blend of advanced technology and craftsmanship creates durable, beautiful solutions for both residential and commercial spaces. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Cosentino USA leads the industry by introducing cutting-edge materials that cater to evolving design trends while remaining environmentally conscious. With a global reach and a commitment to excellence, Cosentino USA continues to shape the landscape of modern design.
Downtown Chicago, IL
Camera Info
Canon R3 & Canon R7
Image Information
20 & 30 Megapixels